Why Should Websites be mobile friendly

With the recent rising of mobile users, majority of the websites are accessed from mobile devices. It is vital for users to be able to view your website with ease, without being stressed out or frustrated having to scroll left to right when the layouts are made for only desktops or laptops. Mobile-friendly websites have codes that shrinks the regular layouts made for desktops in order to make it fit nicely into the screen of mobile phones.

  1. Increase sales – Based on recent research, the rate of users purchasing products online have increased throughout the years. Part of the research shows that most users purchase using their mobile phones. Hence, it would be wise for websites to be mobile-friendly to make it easier for users to make purchases on their phones.
  2. Improve rankings in google search – Google tend to prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices will definitely be ranked higher than those that don’t. The reason being Google knows majority of the users that use Google search are mobile users.
  3. Better user experience – When layouts are optimized for different screen resolutions, the images and content of the website will differ based on each device. This provides a better experience for users to view the website as they are catered to different devices.
  4. Higher advantage over competitors – Your website will be at a better advantage if it is made mobile friendly. If other competitiors don’t have a responsive website, their visitors will most likely refer to your website instead. Having a mobile-friendly website portrays a much more positive experience for them to keep coming back for more.

To create a website that caters to all customers, mobile-friendly is a must for every website. Most web design Malaysia agencies provide mobile-friendly websites. Don’t hesitate to contact any of them to get your website up and ready.…